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I write a lot of fiddle tunes, but also an occasional folk song, classical piece, rock song, or choral work. I have a twenty-year-old tune book, and a recent book of waltzes, and I am starting to work on compiling two or three other books of more recent tunes. I'm happy to send pdf files of most tunes, whether published or not, so feel free to contact me about that, but if you find yourself playing a lot of my tunes or want to browse others, please buy a copy to support my tunewriting.

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Cover of Two Dozen More

Two Dozen More: 24 Waltzes from the Potomac Village Collection 2006-2019

28 pages, self-published (2019)

Twenty-four waltzes written over a span of nearly fifteen years, commissioned by Jamie Platt of Potomac, MD, for anniversaries and special occasions. The waltzes span many styles, ranging from simple folk melodies to jazz waltzes, fast and energetic tunes to introspective and romantic melodies reminiscent of eastern Europe or Spain or Ireland. This collection contains sheet music for all fifteen of the waltzes on the Gigmeisters recording Thirty-Three More.

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Cover of DaveTunes

DaveTunes: Original Tunes in the Folk Dance Tradition

114 pages, self-published (1998), 2nd printing (2001)

Comprehensive collection of tunes written up to 1998. Includes over 25 jigs, over 50 marches, reels, and hornpipes, over a dozen strathspeys, over 30 waltzes. Plus a collection of 25 or so other tunes and compositions -- airs, polkas, schottisches, hambos, a blues tune, piece for solo piano, and a rag.

The second printing is the same as the first printing except that I fixed a dozen typos and wrote a new foreword.

List of DaveTunes errata.

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List of noteworthy compositions
sorted by the recording or publication date. List includes all recorded pieces and works that have been published by third parties, e.g. in dance instruction books. Note that the last two pages contain a key to publisher and recording artist information.