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Errata in the First Printing of DaveTunes

  • Han Dynasty (p.10) and Gates of Heck (p.16) should be notated 6/8 instead of common time.
  • In the Rosedale Jig (p.16), 5th line, 3rd measure, 2nd note should be a B [not an A].
  • The final chord in Juggling Chainsaws (p.20) should be a D [not an A].
  • In Seize the Day (p.25) a tie should be added on the last note of the 3rd line.
  • Jessica's (p.27) is missing the final double-bar.
  • In Blackwater Hornpipe (p.35), the fourth-to-last note in the first ending should be a B flat [not an A].
  • St. Columba's Reel (p. 35) is missing an Am chord at 4th line, 4th measure, 5th note.
  • In Charles McLaughlin's Resting Place (p.46), eliminate the opening repeat sign at the beginning of the second line. The chords in the third measure of the third line should be G, Em [not C, G].
  • In Pass the Peper (p.53), the second-to-last note of the second-to-last measure should be a C [not C#].
  • In Ruth's Waltz (p.83), in the third system, upper staff, last measure, the C should be sharped. Do the same in the next measure, too (fourth system, upper staff, first measure).
  • In Kawasemi (p.94 and p.95), I omitted two ties in the upper voice (measures 16 of A and C).
  • Second Spring (p.104) and Dubna (p.105) should be in common [not cut] time; the metronome markings represent only one interpretation (perhaps not the best) and should be deleted. In Dubna, in the 3rd line, 4th measure, the 1st note is an F# [not an F].
  • In addition, there are some minor misspellings, grammatical mistakes, and other miscellaneous small (and obvious) typos in the descriptive text.

Unintended similarities to previously known tunes

My apologies for claiming authorship for these. Tunes had obviously got stuck in my brain and I didn't realize that they were not entirely my own compositions. The identified ones are:
  • The Carousel Tigers. The A-part of this is basically a harmony line of Goose Feathers.
  • Cascades Park begins much like Lord Alexander Russell, by Scottish fiddler William Marshall.
  • The Pipes of Lime is similar to a traditional pipe tune Piper of Drummond.