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Websites for bands or musicians I commonly play with

Karen Ashbrook hammered dulcimer and flute (Cabaret Sauvignon; also Paul Oorts)
Hanneke Cassel fiddle
Laura Light fiddle (Avant Gardeners)
David Knight fiddle
See also Ted Crane's Dance Database

Dance Camps and Dancing Tours

CDSS Summer Camps
Pinewoods Camp Plymouth, MA
Presidents' Ski-Dance Weekend

Selected Concert Venues

Kennedy Center Millennium Stage

English Dances

Germantown Country Dancers Philadelphia, PA
Princeton Country Dancers Princeton, NJ
Baltimore Folk Music Society
Folk Society of Greater Washington

Scottish Dances

Delaware Valley Branch
Washington and Northern Virginia Branches (also Capital Weekend and Argyle Weekend)
Boston Branch
New Haven Branch
Scottish Weekend at Timber Ridge, Highview, WV

Contra Dances

Baltimore Folk Music Society
PATMAD Thursday dance Philadelphia, PA
DC area contra dances
Folk Society of Greater Washington
Arden northern Delaware

Couple Dances

Mostly Waltz Philadelphia
Waltz Time at Glen Echo Park, MD


YouTube video of Dave Wiesler singing his Bob Dylan spoof (for Scottish Country Dancers), Tangled Up In Reels, courtesy of Arthur McNair.