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Published Reviews

  • "An enchanting mosaic of melody and rhythm." - Washington Post
  • "Full of both intricate ensemble musicianship and improvisational joy.... It's clear Wiesler and his cohorts... are virtuosos." - The Journal
  • The arrangements are "lush and complex, and well worth paying attention to. There are quite a few ingenious moments where the unexpected happens, where tunes morph and kaleidoscope and build." - Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club

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Washington Post, Mike Joyce, April 13, 2001

Journal Newspapers, Lou King, April 13, 2001

Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club, Julie Gorka, April, 2001

Gazette Newspapers, April 11, 2001

Comments from Other Listeners

  • Laura Risk: "I just wanted to tell you that I totally love your new CD! The tunes and arrangements are just beautiful. It's like all the best things about Scottish dance music and English dance music and classical music combined. The ensemble is so full and well-orchestrated. And your playing, of course, is great.... Congratulations!"
  • Elaine Brunken: "I love the cd....I play it at work all the time, and people stop and ask what it is? ... Awesome....... you have such a gift.......it should be shared with so many more people."
  • Jonathon Jensen: "Thumbs up! Congratulations on a terrific concert and wonderful recording! I really like how you're able to combine your tunes into longer forms - and of course, some of the tunes are practically little suites in themselves."
  • Jenn Sawin: "Don't know the right words to thank you for making this CD. Judy's Jubilation had me waltzing around the living room on the first listening, with the cat in my arms. Today (on the computer drive at work) the same track has brought me a little island of peace in the middle of a particularly trying day. We may need a second copy so I can keep one at the office."
  • Dr. Julie MacRae, University of Virginia Medical Center: "Your CD is a real hit in the operating room. All the nurses are raving about it. The surgeons like it because it's soothing but not soporific."
  • Dave's dad: "Hail, Maestro! ... Very professional sounding."