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April 13, 2001


On his debut recording "Cracks and Shadows," Charlottesville, Va.-based pianist Dave Wiesler attempts to reconcile for listeners the relationship between classical and folk idioms. As a classically trained musician who's known throughout the region for his performances at folk and traditional dance festivals, it's a gray area Wiesler's quite familiar with.


Although the task might sound a bit daunting, Wiesler pulls the trick off admirably. "Cracks and Shadows" is full of both intricate ensemble musicianship and improvisational joy.


From the precise interplay between piano and dulcimer on "Slingshot" to the soaring cohesion between fiddle and flute on "Scherzo in C Minor," itís clear Wiesler and his cohorts, which include Earl Gaddis, Andrea Hoag, Susan Brandt, Ralph Gordon, Karen Ashbrook and Paul Oorts, are virtuosos.


Wiesler's not above mixing business with pleasure, though, as his lively march with the tongue-in-cheek title "My Love She Is a Nut Brown Ale" indicates.


Dave Wiesler and friends celebrate the release of "Cracks and Shadows" at 8 p.m. tomorrow at the Paint Branch Unitarian Church, 3215 Powder Mill Road, Adelphi, Md. Tickets are $14. Call (301) 263-0600 for more information.


- Lou King


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