Scottish Country Dances recorded on Many Happy Returns

1. On the Morning Tide 8x32H3
Iain Boyd, Island Coll.
Shuter's Hornpipe / Mr. John Trotter's Hornpipe / Miss Thompson / The Tide Comes In (James Hill)

2. Many Happy Returns 8x32S3
Mel Briscoe, Slip Knot Coll.
Miss Stewart of Grantully (Niel Gow)/ Craigellachie Brig (William Marshall) / Capt. Carswell (William Lawrie) / Maj. James Munro (Robert Mackintosh)

3. Arthur's Seat 8x32R3
18th Century Book
Arthur's Seat / Keep it Up / Geordie MacLeish / Inver Lasses

4. A Wee Nothin' 8x32J2
Elaine Brunken leaflet
Miss Hannah's Jig - Elgin (William Marshall) / Lord Alexander Russell's Jig (William Marshall) / The Marchinoness of Huntly's Favorite Jig (William Marshall)

5. The Saint John River 4x32S4
New Brunswick Collection
The Bonnie Lass o' Bon-Accord (J. Scott Skinner) / Beneath the Willow (Dave Wiesler) / In Memoriam Mary Kay (Dave Wiesler)

6. Caberfei 8x32R3
18th Century Book
Caberfeidh / Fermoy Lasses / Pretty Peggy / The Cross of Inverness

7. The Quaich 8x32S3
John Drewry, Rondel Book of SCD
Lady Marie Parker (Niel Gow) / Belladrum House (J. Scott Skinner) / Laird of MacIntosh / The Waking of the Fauld

8. Haddington Assembly 8x32J3
Jean Henderson
Haddington Assembly / Mr. Charles Graham's Welcome Home (William Gow) / Mrs. Oswald of Auchincruive's Favorite Reel (Robert Mackintosh) / Mrs. Muir McKenzie's Fancy (Mr. Sharp of Hoddam)

9. McGregor's Leap 8x32R3
Attwood, Alexander Book I
High Road to Linton / Skye Barbeque (Alasdair Fraser) / Brumley Brae (William MacPherson) / Hull's (John Morris Rankin)

10. Irongray 8x32S3
Hugh Foss, Galloway Album
Laoidh an T'Slanuidhfear / The Sweetness of Mary (Joan MacDonald Boes) / Dr. Neil S. MacLeod (Alasdair Fraser) / La Passeggiatta (Muriel Johnstone)

11. Laird of Milton's Daughter 8x32J3
RSCDS Book 22
Laird of Milton's Daughter (W.G.M. Christian) / Larach Alasdair / Cold Quarry Jig (Dave Wiesler) / Jig of Slurs (P.M. George S. McLennan)

12. Waltz
Daybreak (Dave Wiesler)