Dave Wiesler's noteworthy compositions

Tunes and compositions that have been published by a third party and/or recorded

Name Type Recording(s) Publication
Un Abrazo Sin Fin tango CS DT
After the Flood strathspey CS DT
And Good Day to You, Too! reel BAR3
Another Wild Place Lost Forever jig CS(*) DT
Back Door Slam reel AG
Before the Bloom jig CS DT
Beneath the Willow strathspey air MHR, HH BR
The Black Cloak strathspey HH DT
The Blue Crab Hornpipe hornpipe BR
The Bluebird slow reel SD DT
Bottoms Up reel LET
Brushfire jig PG, BT DT
Bugs in Both Pockets slip jig IMP5-CD
C Sharp Minor CS
California Sunshine ECD style reel MRF CF12, BAR3
The Carousel Tigers jig DT, LSB
The Castles Aaaa and Bbbb march CS DT, PC3
Castlewall Scots Measure GCC-CD GCC-Bk
The Champagne Strathspey strathspey LET
Cog Railway waltz IMP5-CD, EE2
Cold Quarry Jig jig MHR, THL DT
Come with Voices Singing 3/2 ECD tune GCC-CD GCC-Bk, BAR3
The Cressons ECD style reel MRF CF12, BAR3
The Crooked Path strathspey CS DT
Crowcombe and Stogumber hornpipe HH DUNS
Dave Wiesler's Compliments to Stella Fogg strathspey air HH BR
Daybreak waltz MHR
The Deluge reel HH
Denise's Waltz waltz MMSW DT
The Dolly Sods reel H&G DT
Double Jubilee 2/2 ECD tune MRF CF11, BAR3
Down the Rappahannock song SD
The Drunkard's Walk jig CS(*) DT
East of Afton Mountain strathspey HH
Easter Hornpipe hornpipe HH
Elegy for Bennett strathspey MT-CD MT-Bk
Falling Leaf Jig jig PG DT
Fine Fine Line song SD
Floating Ground reel GCC-CD GCC-Bk
Flying Fox jig DT, PC3
Fort Worden Weekend strathspey MMSW DT
Friday Night Waltz waltz DT, LSB
Full Fathom Five strathspey CS, HH DT
Gray Jay 9/8 ECD IMP6-CD IMP6-Bk
Haggarty's Brig strathspey BR
Hell's Mezzanine strathspey THL
Hint of Spring 2/2 ECD tune BOF CF8
In Memoriam Mary Kay 4/4 air MHR
In the Cracks CS DT
Joy (Analysis) crooked ECD reel GCC-CD GCC-Bk
Judy's Jubilation waltz CS, CEL(*) DT
Juggling Chainsaws PG DT
Julie MacRae's Waltz waltz CS DT
Knight Blooming strathspey THL IMP-Bk
Lamp on the River marchy reel PG, GCC-CD DT(*), GCC-Bk, BAR3
The Last Ten Minutes jig HH
Loof Lirpa Jig odd-phrase BAR3
Lovely Lane 2/2 ECD tune GCC-CD DT, GCC-Bk
Lovers Not strathspey CS DT
The Macrobiotic Hornpipe hornpipe THL
Memorial Day Antiphon ECD style reel MRF CF12, BAR3
Mile of Smiles 2/2 ECD tune GCC-CD GCC-Bk, BAR3
Minnie Walker strathspey SB
Monsters in the Cellar reel HH DT
Mr. Millstone's Inauguration 4/4 ECD tune GCC-CD GCC-Bk, BAR3
Mr. Millstone's Defenestration 3/2 ECD IMP6-CD IMP6-Bk, BAR3
The Murrays of Bentivar reel THL
My Love She is a Nut Brown Ale march CS DT
New Robinson Bridge jig CS
The Ohia Blossom Ragtime Waltz waltz DT, WB4
Okinawa Reunion waltz HH
On the Firebreak reel CS
One Card Short reel BAR3
Our Someday strathspey HH, THL
Pass the Peper reel LS DT
Peace (Observation) minuet GCC-CD GCC-Bk
Phantom of the Operetta reel HH
Piper on the Hill waltz CS DT
Rain on Snow jig TU
The Rakers jig TCS
Road to Coolfont waltz SD
Ron and Dale's Highland Hideaway 2/2 ECD tune UNI, FF CF8
Ruth's Waltz waltz CS(*) DT
Saturday Morning Waltz waltz EE, IMP1-CD DT, BAR2, IMP-Bk
Scherzo in C Minor 3/2 piece CS, NF(*), UNI(*) CF6(*), BAR2(*), SOTP(*)
Scott Higgs reel BAR3
Screech Owl Reel reel HH DT
Seize the Day march DT, PC3
Selva Negra CS
Set for Spring 2/2 ECD BAR3
The Silver Shadow 3/4 air CS(*) DT
Slingshot reel CS
Spinnaker reel CS, SIL
Sprout waltz RAM DT
Spy Rock reel CS, MO DT
Starry Starry waltz SS
Stephanie's Waltz waltz CF12
Tango Mimosa tango CH DT
Tydings Bridge slip jig PG DT
Tyro on the Tye jig THL
Vermilion waltz TB
The Warfield Berry Jam jig CS DT
The Water Clock waltz PG DT
We Are Devils reel HH
Who's that Blue-Eyed Lady? reel AG
Without His Tiger 3/2 ECD tune MRF CF11, BAR3
The Woodcock waltz CF11
Yonder, Year by Year waltz GCC-CD GCC-Bk, BAR3
Zone Nine reel GCC-CD GCC-Bk


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TCS These Changing Skies, Elephant Revival (2013)
THL Thistle House Live!, Thistle House (2013)
TU Tuneadelphia! Original Music from SPUDS, Sarah Gowan, ed. (2008)
UNI Under No Illusion, Folkus Pocus (2008)
WB4 The Waltz Book, Vol. 4, Bill Matthiesen (2013)
* The published and recorded versions differ somehow. Either the key is different, another section has been added, or the piece has been simplified.